Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery allows me off a creative idea, and sometimes comic fiction; concepts that are hidden are the psychological and philosophical. On the one hand, the psychological and philosophical that leads to change, man’s fear of growing old, the passage of time, the death that we can not avoid. Across the fall of man exaggeration and exasperation of the “whole” trying surgery solutions to social problems and human most intimate.This often confronted in the end with a “non-recognition” of himself, in the mirror; women represented in the works have different colored eyes, just to emphasize the external change, involving unconsciously even the emotional factor. Changing the appearance of our body, it can happen to lose touch with their real individuality, in non – recognition generates a kind of psychological split, which occurs in the phase after the physical transformation, something intimate and significant inherent in the process change. Often the need to change implies the loss of a part of oneself; signs, wrinkles are stretches of recognition of our deep moods. Beauty itself is transformed; women “botox”, clearly express the human desire to evolve, and even risking forgetting that true beauty comes from the acceptance of ourselves and is synonymous with knowledge not only of outward pleasure, is a set of knowledge and tastes of life, harmony, elegance, geometry, purity, knowledge, what the paintings still collect, maintaining strong color, line, form of seduction.What is more the beauty, if not “the perfect moment” of our life when we stop the most intense emotions and the feeling of wonderful knowledge of life, the moment when we are close to the idea of perfection, the true freedom true seduction resides in the soul in search of a spirituality that is losing.

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