Lucia Ferrara

Is an italian artist, born and raised in Italy. Her comment on the perception of modern marketing and the way of life, while the influences of classic myths from the Greek-Roman History, culture American comics, superheroes all see in all her work. Her work shows in various galleries from Milano to Rome and has received national and international awards in Italy. Her technique in acrylic, reflects her vivid imaginations, philosophy and deep understanding of multiculturalism. Work and exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, France and in the islands Barbados. In recent years Ms. Ferrara has performed in the United State and Europa. She collaborates with the international Design, today her work is represented in galleries in Miami, London, Chartres and islands Barbados.
“The work represent my journey, my will to get out of extreme anguish and darkness that does not represent me, my light. On each canvas, color , body, and soul of my work , it makes communications, alive and dynamic. My artist journey follows the arc spiritual existence , the search continues, the study of classics and openness to most contemporary visual languages, with the power of color.
Images of contemporary men represent the uncertainty in the Universe, modern women playing with cosmetic surgery represent human frailty and the pursuit of transformation, I observe in my work philosophy and psychology in search of the meaning of human.

My pictures are feminine and seductive. Women become the “raw material” whit which to tell the story from myth to this day. Who chooses an exact POINT OF VIEW of life , is reflected as a human being in my creative language is, spectacular, unique.” .
A diversified production where the sign is essential signature recognition, the woman, the freedom, the concepts of duality and transformation in all the works, especially for those dedicated to the beauty sector. Production dedicated to classic, revised in a modern way, is a reminder of my heroes: Michelangelo, Leonardo, Botticelli where born “women’s history” from the Creation to the Myth. In my poetic woman is Home, Mother, and Seductive Temptress, incubator of new beginnings, she has to move the real reins of the world, it is an instrument of change in the world, the concept of beauty and looking for a broader spirituality. The large size of the works is a constant, while the hair represent the symbol of life, more specifically the plot of life, symbolically the unconscious, the dark wood of every man. The details nails, lips, eyes, complete the message continues seduction toward the viewer, they are red, bold, even in the classical works do not stop being modern and passionate. The man, however, is the representation of half, what is lacking in the complementarity of being, is contemporary and active, but does not show in its entirety, hides, hides a part of the self. The value of color and three dimensions is critical. Using acrylic colors, strong colors on, the contrasts between light and shadow, outlining monumental forms. Important is the psychology that lies behind every work, the concept of the search for the self in the continuing evolution / transformation of the human being.
Today I work with my art in four areas: Mythological – Half men Contemporary Myths – Plastik Surgery – Pop.

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