Production dedicated to classic, revised in a modern way, comes to life by the will to give space to the great who have always invaded my memory in art studies, Michelangelo, Leonardo, especially Botticelli. “Women of History ” from the Creation to the myth. I wanted to give space and weight to women, to the woman as start, mother, yet temptress and seductress. Here again the concept of the duality that also appears in these works. In my art is the woman to move the real reins of the world, is that she INSTRUMENT as a spider spins canvases, invisible threads.They are all works of large consist of single canvas 47×39 in (120×100 cm) approaching that complement spaces from 47×78 In (120×200 cm) to 94×78 in (240×200 cm). Hair represent the symbol of life, more specifically the plot of life, symbolically the unconscious, the dark forest, the thoughts human problems and often their colors are more realistic, but interpreters of the changes of time and fashion, assimilate that much. If MEDUSA hair become snakes, where for artistic choice appears the head, hair, make it work in taled human monster, Medusa is revealed in the moment is a woman and a woman had to give up her femininity behest divine; Medusa is looking at the viewer pointing and showing boldly lost femininity.Every Woman is depicted with symbols that characterize it in history: animals, objects, clothes, in each communication and the look are designed to interpret a clear choice.

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