Half Men

The man, for me and my art, is constituted by a double facade. I think, that we humans are always two aspects, a duplicity ‘permanent. In us there is the face and neck, past and future, life and death. There is the visible face of the moon and the invisible. There is, in fact, the night and the day, matter and antimatter, the blossoming and the fall in the land. But on the other hand we have no power, on the other hand does not govern, the other side we do not see.The portrait, in my work, becomes human mirror incompleteness, reflects part of the image conscious and poses dilemmas on the same theme. The mirror is related to the theme of the double, the alternate universe, the beauty and divination. The myth of Narcissus, it is a prime example. The free mirror / soul is evident. Even the mirror reflects the eye and sight, what it is visible to us, as a tool of knowledge of the external world. The result is the production dedicated to men, space men, in contrast with the feminine side of my creation. Man becomes “suspect” as being of creation, then as a male, as incomplete container in search of his ego, his inner mirror. In the works, is given by choice, to discover only a part, the part is visible and accessible to our view of the subject, denying what the same men portraits are not able to see because it is hidden part of their person and personality ‘, the their double, their alter egos that would complete the picture.

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