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Since 2011, the artist Lucia Ferrara has been interested in aesthetic surgery, making it the protagonist of particular works, some of which presented in New York in 2012, deepening the aesthetic theme of the contemporary world, the revolutionary Never Perfect project was born, aimed at raising awareness of issues such as : violence, illness and disability. Overall, the artist’s image becomes the symbol of pain transformed towards the Rebirth.
The title of the artistic series appears deliberately and repeatedly on the canvas, on the body of the portrayed figures, as a mark, on the nails, surgical instruments and syringes to highlight the personal “perception of imperfection”.
The “invisible” trauma that must be transformed.
A journey of research unfolds through the canvases, with painful but never horrendous images, towards the discovery of the truth. The works are a tale made up of personal figures that develop a story; from the inner concealment of the world, to the conscious representation of pain, showing a destroyed and then reborn identity.
The whole of the works the blue color moves away from surgical symbolism and becomes the sky, in which the figures are revived.
In an artistic world where color dominates the scenography, its message is and will always be one of joy and happiness towards life because “Violence is a material act that the Soul does not recognize”.
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